Complete Exposure


Photography Exposure Course in Oak Brook Area (Downers Grove)



Big bluestem grasses and nodding wild onion stand out from the shadows as the end of day nears at Lockport Prairie in Lockport, Illinois

Big bluestem grasses and nodding wild onion stand out from the shadows as the end of day nears at Lockport Prairie in Lockport, Illinois

For: Any Photographer struggling with photographic exposure & wants to master it

Requirements: DSLR Camera  (View Course Requirements)

Prerequisites: Get to Know Your Camera (no exceptions)

Note: This photography exposure class turns mystery into mastery.

Are your pictures too dark or too light even though you give total control to your camera? If so, it’s perfectly normal. The truth is that your camera is not that smart and that’s why your results are all over the place.

This digital photography course will teach you how to take control of your camera so you no longer need to use the automatic modes, unless you want to. At least now, you’ll have a choice!

“Mike cares about his students and his concern and follow through with each person is truly impressive. With the personal attention he gives, these classes go far beyond what a standard photo class could ever offer.”— Sarah of Naperville, IL

This hands-on photography workshop starts from the ground up to create a foundation and understanding of your camera and exposure. Then, we build upon this foundation to give you the tools to handle any outdoor lighting situation. After this class and with some practice, you will no longer need to rely on any of your camera’s dubious auto exposure settings.

A comprehensive handout of the PowerPoint lecture is provided. This is so don’t have to take notes during the class and to have a valuable resource to guide you in the future.

“I found your Exposure teaching techniques very useful; You helped me see things in a different light. (Pun intended.) I have read a half dozen books on photography, and none were able to explain the fundamentals of proper exposure like you were.” — Chris of Lisle, IL

“COMPLETE EXPOSURE was the ultimate in taking control of the camera in different challenging situations. I now understand how the camera sees things and its limitations. Overall it was a great experience. I loved your personal email guidance to the questions as they came up.” — Umesh Sharma, M.D. of Burr Ridge, IL (near Hinsdale and Oak Brook).

Understanding how to control photographic exposure is important because the most challenging lighting situations usually produce the most dramatic and exciting photographs. The image above is a quintessential example of how a complexity of sunlight and shadow combine to create a dramatic photograph that conveys great depth and separation. Note how you can see every single flower, stem, and blade of grass—even out into the distance.

It is under these circumstances, that exposure has been very tricky to determine and even more difficult to learn how to do it, until now! After several years pondering the topic, Mike developed an innovative solution that employs just a few simple steps. To help you better absorb and comprehend the material, the class is very much hands-on. And, the lecture presentations are easier to understand because Mike has created many powerful and visual examples and animations.

It is required that you have a digital SLR (interchangeable lens) camera. Please see the Course Requirements.

After the session, you’ll be ready to move onto our other photography courses.


There are a total of four instruction sessions that take place in the cozy atmosphere of Mike’s home and studio in Downers Grove, Illinois. All sessions last from 2.25 to 3 hours and you will be assigned homework to and you will be assigned homework in order to practice what you learned. In the two of the four sessions, there is hands-on lessons designed to practice and work out any problems that you still have. These interactive sessions are very helpful and strongly reinforce understanding.

The photography class is normally limited to 12 students depending on the experience level of the participants, but in the snow season the maximum is 7 due to limited parking. So, please register quickly to insure a spot.

If you have further questions about Mike MacDonald photography workshops just email or phone 630-852-8448.